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Your Motherhood Story Project

Motherhood Session, Your Motherhood Story Project, Ashley Erin West Motherhood Photographer, Nashville Motherhood Photographer, Nashville Baby PhotographerI started this Your Motherhood Story project just before the world fell apart. Now that we are through the shadows of 2020 and we can see light at the end of this pandemic tunnel – it’s time to bring this beautiful motherhood photography project back to life.

This photography series is an attempt to bridge the divide between smiling-at-the-camera portrait sessions, editorial posed sessions, and 100% documentary photography. I was dreaming of something in-between.

You see – I felt like I had plenty of photographs of my family at the holidays, hitting major milestones, playing with friends. You know – the things we TYPICALLY plan to make sure we get pictures of – first teeth, and first steps, playdates and Thanksgiving memories. I felt like I was covered in the big milestones that we hire a photographer for too – newborn pictures and 1 year birthdays. Those areas felt photographically fulfilled.

I found lacking in the quiet in-between.

When I was laying curled around Ellie to help her fall asleep. I wanted THAT photograph (but maybe not with me wearing yesterday’s mascara and my haggard sweatpants). Rosie’s hands playing with my hair while I nurse her – because I feel the temporariness of that season of our lives and I desperately want it remembered. Ellie reading to me in the sunlight under her bedroom window. Me comforting her after a fall. Brushing her tiny sweet curls. Rocking rosie in the early hours.

The in-between. Tiny moments of our day that are such a core piece of our life right now. The parts where no one is around with a camera. Fleeting moments that make your heart feel so soft and full and fulfilled. The parts of this season that feel so hard to think about growing out of. I want photographs of THOSE things.

Enter Your Motherhood Story Project.

It’s not 100% documentary where I’m a fly on the wall with a camera and you’re pretending I’m not home, and it’s also not your standard portrait session where I’m posing you and picking out props and setting up lights. This is the in-between – just like the portraits. It’s in your home, or in an lovely outdoor location. We’ll collaborate on wardrobe that fits who you are but ALSO photographs beautifully. I’ll guide you to the prettiest light and remind you not to freeze and smile. I’ll give you a bit of a start – and then let you have the moment with your baby. After we set the seen I’ll melt into the background a bit and watch as the little pieces of your relationship with your baby come to life in the form of gentle touches, giggles, natural movements, and big soft emotions.

It’s such magic.

I can’t wait for you to be a part of it. Tap the button below for more information and get your spot reserved on my calendar.


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