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select your collection

After viewing your personalized gallery of images, you’ll select your custom collection that best captures the memories you fell in love with. Each collection contains digital files and a gift of credit to use in the print shop (as a thank you from me to you for trusting me with your memories). Collections begin at $1200.

step 2

save your keepsakes

After your collection is purchased, download your high resolution digital files and browse my curated print shop. I’ve sourced the most beautiful, handmade print products from around the world.

This includes velvet albums, wood-framed prints, lockets, archival prints, and other heirloom-quality keepsakes. Print your memories,  showcase them in your home, and keep reliving these moments with your family so your photographs won't stay hidden in the cloud.

step 3

reserve your session

Fill out the contact form. I’ll be in touch with details, date options, tips, and everything we need to plan your dream session. A $375 Session Fee is due to reserve your date. After your session, I’ll spend time perfecting every image and building a personalized gallery for you to watch with your loved ones.

step 1

Reserve your session


With a BA in Commercial Photography and 12+ years of professional photography experience, I avoid using generic presets, single click, presets. Every image is processed and custom-edited with you and your family in mind. Designed to honor accurate skin tones, hold a touch of nostalgia, and be reminiscent of the timelessness of film. I bring your unique family memories and my creative eye together to create priceless, heirloom-worthy portraits.

Album Design and Wall Gallery Design are a few of many complimentary services. No need to waste time on Shutterfly for hours pulling a DIY album together on your laptop. This is a full-service experience where we decide together which print products best suit your family, and I create and deliver them to you ready to enjoy. 


individualized editing process






You will have access to my client wardrobe if desired. I’ll help with sourcing and curating outfits to create the ideal session. 

Wardrobe Design

You will have multiple locations to choose from: Studio, In-Home, or Outdoor locations


during session

Don't worry about stiff posing or grumpy kids! I'll guide you to the best light and help you feel comfortable while looking your best. I'll photograph your genuine, one-of-a-kind connection to your baby(ies). Sessions will involve organic movement and natural bonding moments. It will feel sweet, silly, fun, and full of love. 

prioritizing the comfort of you and your family


reserve your session

leave your family a lasting legacy of your love

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