Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mama

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Alright guys…Valentine’s Day is RIGHT around the corner…what are you getting for your significant other?! Don’t panic! If she’s a breastfeeding mama I’ve got some ideas for you. Here are a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mama (PS these are all links! Click the gifts you like to go directly to pages with more information and purchase options):

  • Heart Shaped Washable Breast Pads – because they’re awesome (my personal fav) and they’re conveniently shaped like hearts!
  • Coconut Milk Body Scrub – because EVERY mama could use a luxurious hot bath and 20 minutes to themselves
  • A Spa Day at Wand and Willow – trust me…she’ll be over the moon about this one.
  • A Breastfeeding Photography Session – Mama’s so rarely get pictures of themselves. She’ll treasure this.
  • A Gift Card for Nursing Friendly Clothes – Because we all like new clothes and finding nursing friendly clothes can be so tricky!
  • Cook her Dinner – This one doesn’t need a link..but it’s one of the best options. Mamas NEED your support – and cooking her dinner is so sweet. Pinterest some ideas people!
  • Hire someone local to DEEP CLEAN her house – This is priceless. Seriously.
  • Kindle Gift Card – Breastfeeding moms spend so much time stuck in one spot while nursing – a gift card for their favorite books on a Kindle or iPad would be SO awesome!
  • Breastmilk Jewelry – For the right mama, this gift would be treasured FOREVER. Lot’s of companies do this – this link is for a local one I found!
  • An Evening Out – Take her to dinner, or a movie, or a park. This might seem obvious but most moms would REALLY like to get out of the house for a minute.


Valentine’s Day is Still Alive and Well


I mean…for me anyway. And lots of mamas I know. Valentine’s Day is so sweet! Take advantage of the holiday and use it to show the nursing mama in your life just how much you love her. I hope these Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mama help spark some ideas for you! Comment below and tell me how you end up celebrating this lovey dovey day!

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