Jul 31, 2023

Nashville Motherhood Photography Session Tips

Planning a Nashville Motherhood Photography Session or a Nashville Murfreesboro Photography Session? Here are my Top 5 Tips!


I'm Ashley of Ashley Erin West Photography in the Nashville, Tennessee area and I specialize in Nashville Motherhood Photography. Guess what - I'M ON YOUTUBE NOW! It's the 2nd largest search engine out there and I thought it would be a great place to provide content directly to you. My goal for Youtube videos is to create bite size videos full of tips and info that will help ensure you have the best photography experience possible. 



Top 5 Tips for your Next Nashville Motherhood Photography Session

Tip #1.

Time your feedings! As a motherhood photographer and a mother myself - I know feeding babies is trickier than people make it sound - but I promise this isn't as hard as it sounds! Just try to think about your baby's feeding schedule ahead of time and make sure that baby is ready to eat when you ARRIVE to your session. This means we'll be ready to go right when you get to your session! BUT please remember - if something goes awry and your baby needs to be fed before you get to the studio - MAMA KNOWS BEST! Feed your baby when you need to and we'll make it work. This is just a tip to help things run a little smoother!


Tip #2.

Bring extra supplies. Seriously. This is easy to forget if it's your first baby or if you're newly postpartum so I always send out reminders. Extra diapers, extra outfits for baby, extra burp cloths, extra wipes, and (not required but HIGHLY recommended) an extra outfit for you. Babies make messes - and we'll be prepared! I recently had a mama decide to only bring on dress to her session and her newborn promptly spit up allllll down the front. We were able to creatively hide most of it with positioning and angles, but WOAH does it make it easier if you can just swap to a clean outfit!


Tip #3.

Think about locations in relation to the time of year. Nashville motherhood photography sessions and breastfeeding sessions can get tricky when it comes to the weather since Middle Tennessee is known for its HOT summers, COLD winters, and pop up storms. If it's the middle of summer, we don't want to choose the greenhouse where you and baby will be a sweaty, overheated mess. If it's the middle of winter we'll stay away from water locations so you don't freeze. As your motherhood photographer I'll guide you through the best location options for the time of year!


Tip #4.

This one seems obvious but it's actually really easy to forget - Make sure your outfit is nursing friendly! It doesn't matter how pretty the dress is if you can't breastfeed your baby during your breastfeeding session! Be sure to ask me for a nursing friendly dress from my client closet or try on the outfit you've purchased and make sure you have easy accessibility for nursing. Nothing will make a baby grumpy faster than not being able to get to the milk!


Tip #5.

Remember - you were made for this! Leave your expectations and worries at the door. This motherhood photography session will be focused on celebrating the MAGIC of your body as a mother and celebrating the incredible love between you and baby. You've got this. And I've got you!


An in-home lifestyle session for Motherhood Photography with mother and son playingMotherhood Photography Session in Nashville featuring a Mother and her Son sitting together in the kitchenA motherhood photography session in Nashville TN featuring a mother and son playing together in their home kitchen



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Motherhood Photography Session in Nashville featuring a Mother and her Son sitting together in the kitchen




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