Feb 23, 2022

In-Home Session for a 3 Year Old | Murfreesboro TN | Daphne’s Sneak Peek

In-Home Session for a 3 Year Old

Daphne’s Birthday Lifestyle Session





There is nothing sweeter than an in-home session for a 3 year old! Daphne felt calm and confident in her own environment, so she was happy and playful for our entire session. Flowers take portrait sessions to a new level – and for Daphne’s session we chose sweet pinks and purples to compliment her dress and her holiday birthday. We didn’t sit still for even a second. Daphne twirled, danced, ran, climbed, ate cake, played with her dog, and spun circles around her mama and daddy. It was pure joy and such fun to document.


Hot tip – don’t worry about whether or not your kiddo “sits still.” The best smiles and the REAL connection and joy comes amidst chaos.


Daphne’s Sneak Peek

3 year old in-home milestone session in Murfreesboro TN3 year old in-home milestone session in Murfreesboro TN3 year old in-home milestone session in Murfreesboro TN


Daphne’s full gallery will be linked here when it’s complete!

The joy of in-home sessions is that we can really explore the space that your children are comfortable in. For Daphne we divided up our time with several fun activities to facilitate gorgeous photographable moments. She played with the flowers, danced with her daddy, put flowers in mama’s hair, ate cake, and chased her puppy around the house! Three year old’s typically don’t like to “pose” and if they do it’s stiff and staged. Creating fun “activities” for her to do with her parents allowed her to really get joyful and silly and happy and also created space for her to interact genuinely with her parents. Genuine interactions are the heart of any gallery of photographs.




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3 year old in-home milestone session in Murfreesboro TN




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