Jun 26, 2023

Portrait Session Locations | Greenhouse Photography at the Greenhouse in Franklin

Portrait Session Locations | Greenhouse Photography at the Greenhouse in Franklin


If you’ve been around here for any length of time you already know that I’m obsessed with all things plants and greenhouses, so the Greenhouse in Franklin is NATURALLY one of my very favorite locations for greenhouse photography sessions. When the greenhouse first came available it wasn’t super ideal because there was no bathroom on site. As a photographer who primarily photographs mothers with young children and expectant mothers – a bathroom is kind of a non-negotiable. But in 2023 the Greenhouse in Franklin stepped their offer up a notch by adding the CUTEST vintage  camper with a changing area and restroom, effectively bumping the location up to the top of my favorites list!


Pregnant mother sits in a chair in a greenhouse with her children at her feet and her husband behind herLittle girl sits in a chair in a greenhouse Man stands behind his pregnant wife and wraps his arms around her in a greenhouse


Why Your Next Greenhouse Photography Portrait Session Should be at the Greenhouse in Franklin


1. It’s simply stunning. And I don’t say that lightly. As an artist I am constantly looking at beautiful locations and beautiful dresses and beautiful things to create beautiful art for my clients, so when I tell you this location is one of a kind – I mean it. The owner put so much heart and creativity and thought into the construction and design of the greenhouse itself that it just oozes beauty. Everything in it is so carefully selected and positioned. The whimsical, storybook vibes are unbeatable.


2. It’s a versatile location. We may go there for the greenhouse, but we’ll also have a beautiful field, an adorable retro camper, and a lovely little creek at our disposal! Perfect for adding a bit of variety to your session.


3. Amenities! As I mentioned earlier, the addition of a bathroom and changing area, paired with easy and accessible parking, and no stairs/steps  makes this a fantastic location for any client.


greenhouse photography session family of four man leans down and kisses his wife in a maternity sessionGreenhouse photography pose for a family of four with a pregnant momMaternity pose with siblings

Reasons You May Not Want to Choose the Greenhouse in Franklin


1. It’s weather sensitive. This is an outdoor location so if we choose this BEAUTIFUL spot we’ll have to be ok with rolling the dice with the weather and rescheduling if it rains.


2. It’s not temperature controlled, so if we’re scheduling your session for the brutal heat of summer or the coldest days of winter – the Greenhouse in Franklin might not be our very first choice.


Maternity post with husband in a greenhousePregnant belly in copper maternity dressgreenhouse photography pose pregnant mother leans back against husband and rubs her belly


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