Jun 18, 2023

Daddy and Me Pictures | Father’s Day 2023 in Nashville

Daddy and Me Pictures | Father’s Day 2023 in Nashville


You have to admit – there is just something extra sweet about Daddy and Me pictures. Don’t get me wrong, you guys all know I’m all things motherhood all the time. I’m a mama, I’m a motherhood photographer, I love supporting and serving mamas, but I do get a little teary eyed seeing the love between a doting father and his baby. I mean who doesn’t?! Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than seeing a cute photograph of my husband holding one of our girls.


Daddy and Me Session in the Murfreesboro Studio


Want to see something REALLY cute? Put a new dad in the studio and hand him a happy baby. Seriously – it’s adorable and the pictures we take are perfection.

Daddy and Me Pose Dad holding infant son on a couchFather holding up infant sonDaddy and Me sitting on a couch together


A Daddy and his Kiddos at South 40 Farm


Outdoor sessions with dads are so much fun. I’ve found that most dads are really in their element when we take show outside. They don’t feel as confined as they do in a studio and they don’t have to focus on the camera. I LOVE prompting dads to explore with their kiddo, sit and tell each other jokes, take a walk, or swing their babies around. Outdoor dad sessions always end up being super playful and silly, which of course makes for precious pictures.


Father and daughter huggingFather holds his daughter upside down and laughsDaddy and Me pose of father holding his infant twin sons


A Girl Dad in the Studio


A dad, his two sweet little girls, a spring-fabulous pink backdrop, and flowers – welcome to the most precious set of daddy and me pictures you’ve ever seen.


Daddy and Me looking at flowersDad smiles at toddler daughter

Father holds daughter in his lap


Daddy and Me Pictures Holiday Edition


What happens when a Dad has a baby girl right before Christmas? We fill the studio with pink Christmas trees and we let Daddy snuggle his brand new smiling baby girl with twinkle lights shining in the background.


Daddy holds swaddled newborn baby girlFather smiles down at newborn baby girl


Girl Dads are the Best Dads


Ok I mean all dads are awesome but just look at how sweet this daddy is with his toddler daughter and his brand new newborn daughter. The smile on his face is priceless.


Daddy and Me pose of father and his two young daughtersDad gazes down at swaddled newborn baby



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Daddy and Me Pose Dad holding infant son on a couch




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