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Covid-19 and the Current Status of my Business


Due to Covid-19 all March and April sessions have been rescheduled.

May and June sessions are scheduled with the knowledge that their dates may move based on incoming information.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I still book a session?

YES! I am currently booking Summer and Fall Session dates. If you’d like to schedule a session for a June 2020 date or after – please click here to contact me.


2.  Do I have to pay in advance to book a summer or fall session?

All sessions require a small up-front booking fee to hold your spot on my calendar. However – times like these are hard for small businesses like mine, and if you are looking for ways to help my business through this chaotic time – you CAN choose to pay your full balance upfront so that when your session date arrives all the paperwork and payment will be out of the way! Upfront payments help me keep my business afloat when I’m not taking any clients for the safety of all our families.


3. Can I buy a Gift Card for later?

YES!!! If you don’t want to schedule your 2020 session until available dates become more solidified, you can purchase a gift card now to take care of payment, and schedule your session later when you feel most comfortable.


4. Do you do “Front Porch” sessions that I’ve seen on social media lately?

No – for two reasons: First, Tennessee is on a Shelter in Place order. This means ALL non-essential businesses are required to stop operating until the government and health department feel that it is safe to resume business. Second, we don’t REALLY know yet how this virus is spreading and passing from person to person. At the current time ANY activity that pulls people outside in groups is NOT advised. For the safety of myself, my family, your family, and our community as a whole – I am staying home AND asking my clients to please stay home/stay inside during this time (still go play in your backyard of course – just maybe not out front with all your neighbors).


5. Are Field Sessions safe if we stay 6 ft apart?

For the same reasons listed above – Field Sessions  (and all other session types) are not available for April or May. If this changes, I will immediately update this information and let you know. Please click here to sign up for my email list for the fastest updates regarding the status of my business.


6. Something very important is happening in our lives and we desperately want photographs in the next 2 months. Can you help us?

YES. My heart is broken for mamas who can’t bring their birth photographer to the hospital/birth center, and the mamas who have a newborn coming in the next days or weeks and their photography plans have been turned upside down. Pregnant mamas who want to remember this time in their life with beautiful photographs, and breastfeeding mamas who don’t know how long their baby will nurse and don’t want to miss the window to photograph it. This is hard. This is unfair. My heart is with you. I can help you in a few ways – I’m currently putting together a guide for how to take your own pictures (camera OR iPhone). If you MUST have pictures taken in the next 2 months while the state is locked down – this guide will help you. I’m also available via email and phone to talk you through your photography needs and how you should proceed (take them yourself or wait it out). Lastly – If you take pictures yourself and don’t know how to edit them – call me and I will walk you through the basics of iPhone editing, Lightroom Mobile if you have it, or even edit them for you myself.


This is hard. I see you. I love you. I’ll help you however I can.

Closing my doors for the next two months was hard. In fact – it was crushing. I can’t wait for the world to get back to the beautiful, magical, mundane that we all have been taking for granted.

For now – Stay inside. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay HOPEFUL.

Covid-19 may have changed our plans for 2020, but it won’t change our hearts. It’s up to us to work together to keep each other safe.

I’ll be doing my part and keeping my face to the sun. I hope you’ll be doing the same.

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Ashley Erin West – Currently Booking Summer and Fall 2020

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