Jan 10, 2022

A Note from Photographers in Murfreesboro TN: 5 Reasons Why You NEED to Invest in an Album for your Family Portraits

photographers in Murfreesboro tn, milestone photography session, blog post about photography albums5 Reasons Why You NEED to Invest in an Album for your Family Portraits


And by fav photographers in Murfreesboro TN I OBVIOUSLY mean me. But seriously even if I’m not your photographer – listen up. This message is important and it’s relevant to YOU.


One of my favorite memories of going to my grandmother’s house is sitting on the floor and pulling out photo album after photo album after photo album. She had shelves of them. Little, old school, plastic photo albums that held gazillions of old 4×6 prints. There were photographs of her childhood. Photographs of her wedding to my Papa. Pictures of their four children growing up. And then there were pictures of us – the grandkids. Every cute thing we did. All stupid things we did. Each accomplishment and every tear.

Three generations of stories lived in those photo albums.

Unfortunately those old, inexpensive drug store 4×6 prints aren’t holding up terribly well. Lots of them are fading and yellow. Some are torn. The pages of the little albums are definitely torn from all of us grandkids flipping through them so often. She never put them away or hid them or kept them out of our reach though. She wanted us to look at them and giggle and remember.


Things are different now – we are the forgotten generation.

How many photo albums do you have in your house? If you said more than 1 you’re in the minority. I bet most of your memories live in the cloud. Maybe on a jump drive or in an album on your laptop if you’ve ever hired a photographer. The visual stories of our lives now live on our iPhones. And guess what – we don’t look at them.

We take the pictures. And we look at them for a few minutes and we post them to insta and maybe send the cute ones to family members AND THAT’S IT.

Do your kids sit down and flip through old photographs of your childhood and your parent’s lives and their own childhood’s? If the answer is no – keep reading.


Photograph of Velvet Album, Photographers in Murfreesboro TN


5 Reasons Why You NEED to Invest in an Album for your Family Portraits


1. Your pictures will be PRINTED instead of trapped on your computer or invisible in the cloud.

This is self explanatory. Right? It’s the most obvious reason to invest in an album and also the most important reason. You took those pictures for a reason. Please don’t let them disappear.


2. An album is the best bang for your buck when it comes to printed products. (Sorrynotsorry photographers in murfreesboro tn – clients deserve to know!)

Photographers who sell products typically offer quite a few options. Most of them (Frames, Single Prints, Canvases) only showcase one image. An album holds the whole story. It has all (or most) of the images from your session printed in one place so you can see the beauty of the session altogether.


3. An album tells the story of your family dynamics better than any other printed product.

This feeds off of reason number 2. When you have all of your photographs printed in one place you can read between the lines of the photographs. You can catch the little details a bit easier. Your memory is jogged and your heartstrings pulled with every flip of a page. You can see how your daughter reached for your hand or your baby giggled at her big brother. You’ll remember how your significant other said something silly and made you blush and your kids cringe. Your heart will swell when you remember that your son whispered “I love you” when he snuggled in for a hug. The album holds all of that. It’s absolute magic and it’s priceless.


4. You can pass an album down through the generations of your family.

Now this is where you really need to listen up. We live in the world of cheap, instant gratification and there are a LOT of companies out there who will make a photo book for you and get it to you in record time. Sounds great right? Maybe not…

Cheap = short lived. Just like the little 4×6’s in my grandmother’s photo albums and the plastic albums themselves – cheap phonebooks WILL fade and fall apart. I have purchased photo books for myself and for friends and family before and they serve their short term purpose! They’re cute! They make great gifts! But they are TEMPORARY.

Heirloom albums from your photographer (me right? haha) will LAST. They won’t yellow or fade. These albums are made of high quality, durable materials and the thick lay flat pages are made to withstand years of flipping and giggling and remembering.

If you want an album that you can pass down to your babies and they can pass down to their babies….talk to your photographer.


5. Your kids will have memories of looking at their memories.

This is my favorite, probably because it’s one of MY favorite memories. I want my girls to see themselves in the pictures in our home. It’s important for them to see that they are SO special to me, that I took the time to print those pictures I took of them and put them in a beautiful book that they can look at whenever they want. I want them to pull out our family albums on a rainy day and see photographs of me holding them and loving them. I want them to go back and giggle at photographs of them playing together and being silly when they were itty bitty.

They’ll remember this.


photographers in Murfreesboro tn, milestone photography session, blog post about photography albumsphotographers in Murfreesboro tn, milestone photography session, blog post about photography albumsphotographers in Murfreesboro tn, milestone photography session, blog post about photography albums

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