Jan 27, 2022

5 Tips for a Photoshoot of a Baby in a Sink

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5 tips for a photoshoot of a baby in a sink


Sink Bath Photography Session, Murfreesboro Family Photographer

Tip #1 for a photoshoot of a baby in a sink

1. Let’s start with the obvious. Towels. A baby in a sink photoshoot is obviously going to be WET and messy. Have lot’s and lot’s of towels ready.

You’ll need some for cleaning up splashed water from the counter and the floor – these obviously don’t HAVE to be pretty or aesthetically pleasing as long as they’re absorbent!

You’ll need some prettier ones for getting your baby out of the bath and wrapped up. Depending on our session, we may photograph a parent scooping their sweet, bubbly, soggy baby out of the sink bath and rocking them, nursing them (hello breastfeeding photography opportunity!), or just loving on them. These images are beautiful and sweet, and you don’t want a crazy looking towel throwing off the vibe. Aim for fluffy white towels. They ALWAYS look good.

You’re also going to want some washcloths on hand. Babies love to splash in sinks and sometimes water and bubbles end up in their eyes or on their faces. A quick swipe with a dry washcloth can prevent baby from getting upset or grumpy.


Sink Bath Photography Session, Murfreesboro Family Photographer

Tip #2 for a sink bath session

2. Keep it warm.

Babies get cold FAST and a cold baby is a grumpy baby. Shivers, goosebumps, tears, and angry cries do NOT make for the ideal sink bath session.

Sink bath sessions are fantastic because they are doable and beautiful year-round. HOWEVER, if you happen to schedule your babe’s session for late fall, early winter, or early spring you’ll be dealing with a colder home. My advice is to warm your house up about 30 minutes prior to the start of our session just like you would if we were photographing a newborn. Either crank up your heat or place a space heater temporarily in your kitchen.

Warm water and a cozy, warm kitchen will make for a happy, splashy baby!


Sink Bath Photography Session, Murfreesboro Family Photographer

Tip #3 for a sink bath session

3. Have a back up plan and be ok with switching gears.

The truth is – some babies like these sessions more than others. My first daughter hated baths and my second LOVED them. And then some children decide in the moment whether they are game for bath time or not. When we schedule a sink bath session we will always have a backup plan in case your baby just isn’t feeling it that day – and I want you to not only be OK with that but be EXCITED about the back-up plan!

We’ll have out primary goal – sink bath session, paired with an equally beautiful and exciting back up idea, such as:

snuggling in bed with mommy

sitting up on the counter helping mama bake

playing with a bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table

We’ll make sure this back-up plan is equally as beautiful as our original sink bath plan, and if things go south and your kiddo just doesn’t want to be in the water – we’ll jump to plan b and have a blast.


Tip #4 for a sink bath session

4. Tidy Up.

I don’t mean remove evidence of people living there from your kitchen counter – but we want it to be tidy so we can focus on how sweet your baby (or toddler) is. Clear away unappealing things like dish towels, sponges, dirty dishes (obviously), and general clutter. Dust and wipe down surfaces.

You can keep things like – vases of flowers, ceramic containers (think tea or coffee holders), pretty mugs, etc. Anything you think you might like to have out as decor, feel free to leave out! When I arrive I’ll sweep through and tell you what I think will photograph best and what we should scoot to the side for our sink session.


Tip #5 for a sink bath session

5. Add flowers or greenery.

This is my favorite part. For starters – it gives baby something beautiful to play with. Ya’ll nothing is cuter than a baby holding a flower.

Florals and greenery also add something just extra special to a session. They are really my favorite addition to milestone images, and especially sink sessions. We’ll style this together to ensure we’re creating an aesthetic that fits you. Whether it’s branches of eucalyptus in a vase or rosebuds scattered all across your counter, we’ll create something gorgeous that will liven up our images and take them to the next level.


Sink Bath Photography Session, Murfreesboro Family Photographer


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