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Outdoor maternity portrait by family photographer ashley erin west
Breastfeeding portrait by family photographer ashley erin west
Newborn portrait by nashville newborn photographer ashley erin west
Portrait of mother kissing baby during outdoor lifestyle session in murfreesboro by family photographer ashley erin west

About Ashley

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Hi Mama,

I'm Ashley - a Nashville, Tennessee based Family and Motherhood Photographer.


I'm an impassioned artist, a lover of good food and family, and I'm obsessed with turning photographs into tangible family heirlooms that will be passed down and cherished through your family's generations.

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Ashley Erin West, Nashville Motherhood Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

The safety of your family, my family, and our community is my priority. I am fully vaccinated and wear a mask during all sessions. If anyone in my household shows any signs of illness or is exposed to COVID-19, we will adjust the date of our session accordingly to protect your family. If anyone in your family shows signs of illness or has a direct exposure we will adjust our session date accordingly to keep my family and other clients safe.
Sessions typically last about an hour. However, every session is different! We may have a homerun and knock it out in 30 minutes, or we may have a fussy baby on our hands and take a bit of extra time to create our ideal session. We won’t put tons of pressure on an exact session length, so try not to stress about this.
I am an in-home lifestyle photographer and a natural light outdoor photographer. This means I have a selection of beautiful outdoor locations to choose from, or we have the option of doing your session in the comfort of your own home (distance permitting). I also LOVE adventure! If you have a stunning location on your mind just let me know and we’ll see what we can do.
Of course! Part of the service I provide is assistance with wardrobe styling! Putting a beautiful photo shoot together is my art form, so we will chat early and often about wardrobe ideas and options. I will send you inspiration, virtually go through your closet with you, send you links to my favorite outfits, and make sure that picking out what to wear is stress free.
Of course! This is a digital world and I know the digital files are important to you. Each of my collections is created to include a certain number of digital files. You get to choose which collection, and in turn, how many digital files you’d like to purchase!
Yes, you will pay a $200 session fee to reserve your date on my calendar. This is not refundable BUT it can be transferred to a new date if weather, sickness, or other unforeseen circumstances try to get in the way of our session plans!
We’ll dance! If we want to of course … pinterest rain sessions to see how fun they can be. In all seriousness though we will reschedule. I want your session to be a truly wonderful experience, so we will watch the weather closely and reschedule if we need to.
It depends on the type of session. In-home lifestyle sessions are usually sometime in the morning when we can get great light in your home. Outdoor sessions are TYPICALLY around sunset. This obviously varies depending on the time of year we plan your session for. In the fall and winter, we may be starting at 5pm. Spring and Summer may be more like 7pm.
Absolutely! I hope you do. I have carefully curated a collection of beautiful heirloom printed products for you to choose from. Each of my collection options provides you with a dollar amount to spend in the print shop. You can browse the shop independently and choose what you’d like to purchase, or I can go through the shop with you to help design your perfect album, framed wall gallery, delicate locket, or keepsake box full of printed memories. Creating with you brings me so much joy.
Approximately 3 weeks after your session you will be able to view your images via online slideshow! Once you purchase a collection you’ll be able to download your purchased images directly to your computer.
Yes. From the camera settings, to the details of the session, to the photoshop editing - photography is my art form. I may adjust colors, remove distracting things in the background, erase a zit that popped up last minute, or smooth down some stray hairs. That being said, I will not CHANGE what my clients look like. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You will treasure these memories. All retouching is at my discretion. You can browse my website to see if my images resonate with you and align with your vision for your ideal portraits.
Don’t stress! I’m a mom too. I promise I’ve seen it all. We are going to have fun! Sessions with me are not boring or static. I want to photograph you playing and dancing and hugging and loving on your babies. Even the grumpiest kid gets excited about getting to go play.
I was terrified that this would happen during my own newborn session with my first baby. She had colic and she cried so much. But my photographer had all the tips and tricks to make our session perfect! I learned all the tips and tricks too so that I could help you feel a little more confident through your newborn session. Oh and for the record - some of my favorite images are of mothers comforting their babies.
This really depends on the type of session we’re doing, time of year, location, etc. Don’t worry though - I’ve got this! I’ll pack some helpful odds and ends for us, and I will send you a detailed email with a few things to bring along with you to help make sure your session goes smoothly.
YES! You are welcome to purchase a Membership. This allows you to reserve 3 or more sessions at one time. Example: Maternity, Newborn, 1 Year. Example: Newborn, 6 Months, 1 Year, Fall Family. Signing up for a membership means you get reserved on my calendar faster to make sure you get your desired dates, and it means you pay a discounted rate for each session since you are scheduling 3 or more at a time! It’s a great way to save money and plan ahead to reduce stress.

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