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All people eventually find something on this earth that speaks to their soul. A little bit of luck and a lot of hard work led me to my passion early. I am addicted to production, to creation, to interpretation. I am fascinated by the combination of man-made and organic subject matter. The collaboration of creative minds gets my heart racing. After earning my BFA in commercial photography from Winthrop University, I began working as an assistant photographer for an internationally known communications company. I met some incredibly talented people and learned an astounding amount about the industry before I branched out to discover what I could about the freelance side of the business. My experiences in school and then out in the working world directed my interests and my career toward food and product photography.  I am passionate about working with small businesses, recipe developers, and publishing companies, both established and brand new, to create beautiful images and build their visual marketing to help them reach new goals.  Photographing cookbooks and lookbooks make my world go round.  I am currently based out of Nashville, TN, and I am thrilled to be making a life out of doing what I love.


My website serves the purpose of showcasing my work, as well as housing my blog.  My portfolio centers around my food and product photography, and allows you to view my work – personal, professional, and commercial.  My blog is a personal creative outlet that keeps me conceptualizing, creating, and shooting, while learning to cook, bake, and provide for my little family all at the same time.  I am by no means a professional cook or baker, but I am taking the opportunity to learn new skills in the kitchen and create visual art while I do it.  I always had trouble learning something new from a book or a lecture.  My hands need to be dirty.  I need to be enveloped in it and mess it up and make mistakes and really learn it. My blog allows me to spend my days between commercial shoots like a mad scientist in my kitchen.  Cooking and baking and styling and setting up shoots and tearing them down and making messes and writing. You’ll find bits of my soul in both pages.  My portfolio showing you my soul in a series of images.  And my blog laying out the gritty, messy, sun dappled and dark, work in process pieces of my soul.  Maybe someday I’ll learn enough in my shooting and wandering and learning to write my own cookbook.  For now – I’ll take the chance to learn something new and keep my hands on my camera every day.


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