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Part TWO of a Six – Part Series for all of you Hardworking Small Business Owners Out There!

(Side note – if you missed Part One – Commercial Photography and Your Small Business – CLICK HERE TO GO CHECK IT OUT! It gives you all the fun details on what this blog series is about and what we’ll be covering over the next few Monday’s!)


Ever wonder why all your fantastic status updates about your latest addition to the menu or your new line of rose gold bracelets just isn’t getting the views they should? The fact is – your eloquently worded 3,000 character status just isn’t enough anymore. We KNOW that the human eye darts right to the flashiest, biggest, most enticing thing on the page…so when we’re comparing an image to a body of text – no contest.  You need to start taking some pictures people!

Social Media is SHOWING you what to post…Start Listening!

We all started on MySpace (you know that account is still floating around somewhere), then quickly bounced to Facebook as it Exploded in popularity.  Twitter followed that and LinkedIn is mixed in there too. But most recently to bombard the social media scene? Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, -all image based- and now Pinterest and Facebook are integrating to create an even bigger and more connected image platform, not to mention Facebook and Twitter constantly re-designing their page layouts to keep up with Instagram’s super popular Image Priority layout. Why all these changes? The Social Media big shots are reviewing the stats and watching the trends.  They are seeing first hand that ALL ACROSS THE BOARD, viewers are clicking on IMAGES first! They’re hogging up all the shares, likes, retweets, and basically any kind of social media interaction you can think of a word for.  SO – in response, they are all rapidly adjusting our social media pages to prioritize photographs and graphics.  Both Twitter and Facebook have boosted the size and quality of images posted by users – in turn diminishing the size (and importance) of text only posting. 


Think about it – the stats are saying that Photo Posts get 104% more comments than Text Posts.  Holy Cow. Get your camera out…Call your photographer…Bust out photoshop…Whatever you need to do.


The head honchos of Social Media are SCREAMING at you to get onboard and start posting some pictures before your prettily worded posts fall into the abyss and your facebook page views drop to zero.  They’ve laid the easy road to share, comment, retweet, view stat heaven.  Just follow the leader.


90% of All Information Transmitted to the Brain is VISUAL

-source – 3M Corp.-


Want your readers to actually GET INVOLVED with your business social media page instead of just scan it? Give them some EYE CANDY!  Stats are saying that 40% of people are responding better and interacting more with visual information – zabisco-.  I mean heck…they even have eye tracking programs now designed to help designers see what your brain is going to notice first.  We are HARDWIRED to see the pretty stuff….so give your viewers eyeballs what they need to start clicking on your super awesome products.


Any Photo is Better than No Photo?

Ok yes and no…As we’ve discussed, photos FLAT OUT get you more viewers.  Social media is now DESIGNED for images, so when you post one…people are going to see it. Now is all attention good attention? Hmmmm remember the scenario involving a bad photo of restaurant food from Part One of this series?  If you start posting GOBS of iphone pics of your new clothing line or bakery items, you are totally gonna get more people checking it out, BUT you don’t want to look like you don’t care about your work.  Badly lit or badly photographed food can go from a work of art in reality – to disgusting and unrecognizable with the click of an iphone shutter button.  If you’re great with a camera (and I don’t mean hipster, diy, throw and instagram filter on it great, I mean you have a working knowledge of a camera, light, color, etc – great), then by all means, get snapping! But if Food, Clothing, or Jewelry, along with some business savvy is your forte – then start doing some research on your local commercial photographers and build up that Visual Marketing budget so you can show ALL of your social media fans and fans-to-be how amazing your stuff REALLy is.  Stats are proving time and time again, that viewers are going to SEE more photos no matter what, but they are going to INTERACT with quality, exciting, eye-catching, mouthwatering images. Start building your brand and create a STUNNING portfolio of your new dessert menu or tennis shoe designs  so that you can take full advantage of this Social Media World. 


Got a question about what type of imagery your social media needs? Shoot me an email and we’ll take a look at your brand…your product…and your goals to come up with an answer :).


Stay Tuned for Part Three People! We touched some on Image Quality here – but Next week we get into the nitty gritty –



Websites with Professional Photography vs Text Based or I-Phone Pic Websites


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