Commercial Photography and Your Small Business

Part One of a Six-Part Series for all of you Hardworking Small Business Owners Out There!

Remember the last time you were strolling around downtown and suddenly all of the mouthwatering restaurant smells sent you on a hunt for the perfect lunch?  You were on sensory over-load sniffing out what your stomach was growling for, and your nose became a super-human food seeking missile.  Now imagine that your nose led you to an awesome little corner restaurant, with the menu out front, as most downtown restaurants feature.  With your senses already tingling, your vision is the next one to go into hyper – drive, searching out the source of the drool worthy smells you’ve discovered, and landing first on the menu photographs, and second on another customer’s half mangled/mostly eaten something or other…but oh NO…that picture looks like slimy worms on a plate! What IS it? Nope….suddenly your nose totally changes its mind and you’ve spotted that pizza joint across the street that you went to a few months ago…better safe than sorry! Pizza it is!


Visual Marketing can literally make or break your small business whether you own a restaurant, a clothing line, a jewelry boutique, a bakery, or a puppy accessory shop.


Visual Marketing, simply put, is the study and application of the relationship between an object, product, concept, or business, and its image.  It is “the use of static brand images to enhance awareness and increase recognition in the mind of the consumer.”  It is basically…really really awesome photographs that tell your customers who you are and encompass why they love you.  EVERYBODY needs it.


Here we go!


Let me start by saying – this will not be a “you must have a commercial photographer and it must be me” series.  I’m writing these posts in an effort to help all of the small business owners that I’ve heard struggle with the when’s, why’s, and how’s of marketing their work and their passion.  I adore seeing individuals reach their full potential with their business and this is simply a way for me to jump in and offer some pieces of advice that my business and experience have taught me! Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be publishing posts designed to help small business owners understand how commercial photography can give their old, new, small, or growing business the refreshing, visual boost it needs, and why they can handle the process. I’ll be discussing:


The EXPLODING Relationship Between Quality Photography and Social Media


♥ Websites with Professional Photography vs Text Based or I-Phone Pic Websites


♥ Why your printed advertising materials NEED a Commercial Photographer


♥ You AND Your Small Business Budget can handle commercial photography


These posts are going to go up every Monday through the end of the series and I urge you to get involved! Post comments! Ask Questions! Start thinking about your business and what you think, or know, it needs! I can’t wait to leap into this and I can’t wait to hear from you.  When was the last time you revamped your business’s visual marketing?


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