Black Bean Company

Say Hello to Ellis Grossman – King of “Energy Food”

Pretty much everyone in the Charleston has been to and enjoyed, or at least heard of the Black Bean Company. I met with Ellis, and was introduced to the Black Bean Company, last July to take this portrait for an ad in Charleston Living Magazine. I instantly fell in love with the concept, the branding, and most importantly, the FOOD! As a vegetarian, it is SO hard to find delicious, healthy food when you’re on the run, and Black Bean Company is the perfect answer.  They’re built for fast food with online ordering, delivery, and even a drive through (yes, seriously), but their food is local, high quality, and gorgeous.  I’m such a fan of buying local, and knowing I can run through a drive through in five minutes and get something healthy and energetic like their Spinach Love wrap (spinach, marinated roasted tomatoes, sprouts, tofu, roasted red peppers, and strawberry vinaigrette – I’m drooling just typing that) boosts my faith in the health of Charleston! Take a look at these images of Ellis – the man behind this magical place and food, and his West Ashley restaurant.  (A knock-you-out-incredible mango smoothie is what prompted me to get these images off the hard drive and out for all of you to see! If you haven’t been yet…your next meal out needs to be Black Bean Company.)

BlackBeanCo_Portrait BlackBeanCo_ExteriorBlackBeanCo_ExteriorBlackBeanCo_Interior

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