Saffron Cafe and Bakery – Commercial Photo Shoot in Downtown Charleston!

Food Photo Shoot Downtown!

In December I had the privilege of photographing Saffron Cafe and Bakery for a Charleston Living Magazine article (in print now!!!).  After meeting the incredibly kind owner Shahram Aghapour, and hearing a little about the history of the cafe, I was presented with some of the most delicious looking food I have ever seen! The colors were incredible, the smells were divine, and everything looked so fresh and beautiful! I quickly snagged a table with some gorgeous morning light streaming in, and started to play (or work…whatever you want to call it).  As I worked through this food photo shoot, Shahram filled me in on all the juicy details regarding the ingredients, the processes, and the ideas behind each dish.  Each plate was truly a work of art.  You can find the article written by Wendy Swat Snyder on the Charleston Living Magazine Website!!! It goes into the history of the business, the menu, the atmosphere, and some of the secrets behind Shahram’s delicious creations!!! Seriously…check it out! I also have to mention how extremely gracious and kind Shahram and his staff were during my photo shoot.  They were absolutely wonderful and even let me choose one of the prepared plates to eat myself! I chose the first item on their appetizer menu – The Trio! It was a beautiful plate of hummus and eggplant mirza with fresh pita bread.  I seriously had a hard time not licking the plate.

Saffron Bakery Food Photographs

Details of their Amaretto Cream Cake, Hummus and Eggplant plate (The Trio), Crab and Avocado Stack, Seasoned Lamb Skewers, and Saffron Chicken are all featured here.

Saffron Cafe and Bakery _ Food PhotographSaffron Cafe and Bakery _ Food PhotographSaffron Cafe and Bakery _ Food PhotographSaffron Cafe and Bakery _ Food PhotographSaffron Cafe and Bakery _ Food Photograph

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