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Very Short, Very Soggy Photo Shoot at the Beach

Work canceled….hot cinnamon tea and honey….cozy clothes….and a very short, very soggy photo shoot at the beach! I love photographing landscapes on my own time.  I did an entire series in college on Kentucky landscapes, and another series on barns in the country.  There’s something about being out in the world by yourself in the quiet that speaks to me.  It makes me feel calm and relaxed and allows me to see things that I normally pass by in the hustle and bustle of daily life! As I was on my way home from a weather – canceled job, I noticed the fog over the water and the gray tones hazing over everything.  I, spur of the moment, decided to keep driving past my James Island apartment and head straight out to the water.  Folly Beach was TOTALLY empty.  Needless to say, Charleston locals aren’t a fan of these freezing temperatures (something I’m used to after growing up in the very soggy Washington State).  It was sprinkling when I parked so I waited for a break and got myself into the moment just watching the water run down my windows (cheesy but true…its relaxing – go try it).  Once the rain let up, I darted out into the wet ICE cold sand and, without a thought to my ruined shoes and pants, jumped down in the edge of the surf.  I sat and watched the water roll in from the fog and captured a few images before the rain picked up to much to continue.  I ran back to the car, and hopped in feeling very sandy, wet, and very much a part of the beach.  These images were the result of my quick, meditative work.

Ashley Erin Walker _ Landscape PhotographyAshley Erin Walker _ Landscape Photography

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