Here Kitty Kitty!

Whew…..I hope you all stayed safe and warm this week!! I must say….I took a trip back to my childhood during this winter storm.  Adam and I decided to make our snow day JUST as much fun as it was when we were kids! SOOOOOO instead of working, we played in the snow, made french toast, watched Ice Age (no lie), ate cinnamon toast crunch (I seriously forgot how good this is), took naps, and played with Walter (the pug) and Samson and Sophia (the kitties)! It was probably the best Wednesday of all time! I’m hoping yours was just as lazy and fun ;).


Kitty Cat Photo shoot at Charleston Animal Society

I must apologize for the delay in showing you these amazing animals.  The weather (and my work-less snow day) threw my schedule for a loop, but these guys are still up for adoption and need all the help you can give them! Adam and I were running all over the place last weekend, but we managed to make it up to the Charleston Animal Society for some quick playtime and a mini photo shoot.  We were privileged enough to meet Sylvester and Gandalf, two GORGEOUS cats that need new homes!  Sylvester is a 2 year old orange domestic shorthair mix.  He was SO sweet and very curious! We couldn’t get him to sit still even for a second!  He was darting around in explorer mode looking as cute as can be.  Sylvester has come a long way with the help of Charleston Animal Society.  He was brought in several weeks ago with bloody, torn paws that he could barely walk on.  His little feet are now looking fresh and pink, and all he needs is a loving family to come take him home!!!  Gandalf was also a PLEASURE to meet! He was SO cuddly and loved being held.  He is a 4 year old white domestic shorthair mix, and let me tell you, he is an absolutely GORGEOUS cat.  His eyes are breathtaking! Being an older man, he has been at the shelter for quite a while and is VERY ready to be snatched up by a wonderful, loving family.  Take a look at these babies!

Meet Sylvester and Gandalf




Told you they were Beautiful!!!!

Puppies Who Need You!

As I said, this week was a quick trip for us, but I couldn’t leave without visiting the dogs that Charleston Animal Society is housing this week! Here are a few of the babies we were able to meet.  Head over to the shelter to meet them yourself! They need you! Even if you simply have time to volunteer for the afternoon and get them outside in the sunshine, you’ve done something wonderful in the lives of these animals.


1_26_14_CharlestonAnimalSociety_861_26_14_CharlestonAnimalSociety_911_26_14_CharlestonAnimalSociety_96One Act of Kindness can Change the World

I can’t close out this post without mentioning this.  While Adam and I were visiting the shelter this week, a little girl shyly came into the main lobby with her mother.  She quietly walked up to the counter, looking back to make sure Mom was following.  Her mom told the woman at the desk that it was the little girl’s birthday.  She had decided that instead of presents this year, she wanted to help animals that didn’t have homes (are you tearing up yet?).  The doors to the shelter opened up again, and all of the little girl’s friends and their parents came in carrying bags of cat food and dog food!  This little girl used her birthday to save countless animals that need help! This warms my heart to no end, and shows that one small act can change lives!  Lets pass along the love and see what we can do this week to help those in need!  This little girl is a genuine inspiration to all of us!


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