I am absolutely THRILLED to announce that I have partnered up with the Charleston Animal Society to help some of the animals they care for find their new homes faster!  I was introduced to the shelter when Adam and I took Walter the Pug there to be fixed.  They took amazing care of him, and we fell in love with how considerate, thoughtful, and passionate the employees and volunteers are.




Adam and I plan to visit the shelter once a week to photograph animals in need.  We are specifically targeting the animals that need the most help in an effort to bring more attention to them and help them find loving homes faster!


The Icing on the Cake


I will be offering a free 1 hour session and cd of all images with print rights to anyone who is able to:


-Adopt one of the animals


-Sponsor one of the animals (Pay their adoption fee so that it will be easier for another person to take them home)


-Find a friend/neighbor/coworker who can adopt one of the animals


I truly want all of these babies to be taken home and welcomed into a new family, so please comment or post about anything you are able to do to help! Even if you simply go play with them for an afternoon, you’ll make them a little happier and a little more loved! Let me know how you’ve tried to help!


Meet the Animals!




Austin is a black, tan, and white hound mix.  He is 8 years old and was brought in to the Charleston Animal Society as a stray.  He had already been fixed and was treated for heart worms and other basics by the shelter.  Adam and I were attached the moment we saw him.  In fact, he was the very first dog we talked to when we went in last week! He was so sweet and gentle right from the get-go.  He was quite nervous when we took him outside to play, and he cried a little simply because he was scared.  However, when you go visit him, don’t let this fearful demeanor fool you! After a few minutes of getting used to us walking around with him, Austin was ready to love on us and play around!  He was so much fun to work with and get to know.  The shelter volunteers say he loves everyone and adores play time!  Take a look at this sweetheart and see what you can do to help him!




As you can see : Adam couldn’t get enough of loving on this guy.  He sat quietly with Austin for a little while to calm his nerves, and when Austin started rubbing up against him, Adam was ecstatic! He just needs a little love and a little trust to let his playful sweet side shine!



Miko – ADOPTED!!!!


Miko is a black and brown shepherd mix.  He is 9 years old and the most playful, happy dog you’ve ever met! He has been fixed and is in wonderful health.  The moment his cage door opened, he was ready to play and run and jump!  Adam had a blast throwing him tennis balls and wrestling around with him.  It took him no time at all to warm up to us! His personality is trusting and fun loving towards everyone he meets :).




Angel is a 6 year old black and white basset hound mix.  His personality fell right in between Miko’s and Austin’s.  He wasn’t nervous to meet us, but he wasn’t as energetic and playful as Miko either.  All Angel wanted was someone to love on him! He was a master at wiggling his way into our hearts within seconds!




I must break to help bake for dinner tonight…but I have a few more furry babies to share with you (kitties and bunnies!!!) so stay tuned and have a WONDERFUL TURKEY DAYYYYY!

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